¡NEW! From the creators of Los Pollitos Dicen, the premiere line of children's gift tees en español . . .


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¡Hola! Meet ChíChí&Flaco, a modern t-shirt line savoring the flavor of Latino and Hispanic culture in the United States.

Created by the founders of Los Pollitos Dicen (The Little Chicks Say), the premier line of Spanish children's gift tees, ChíChí&Flaco offers the same wonderful quality and cultural celebration for babies, big kids and adults... niños of all ages! Expect fun, bold and super-fabuloso color and designs for everyone.

Who are Chíchí & Flaco?
Ever since Cuban-American co-workers Carrie (reporter) and Oscar (artist) first met in a newsroom in Tennessee, they called each other ChíChí and Flaco. They used these common nicknames to nurture their Cuban-American heritage in a VERY different land. Thirteen years later, they're still ChíChí and Flaco spreading their love of culture with fabulous t-shirt design and onto the backs of Latinos and Latinos-at-heart.

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